NSE Historical Reports Not Being Updated

Hi off late I have noticed that NSE has not updated some of their Historical Reports. One such report is ‘Historical Contact-Wise Price Volume Data’ which doesn’t have data of June and further expiries. I tried calling the exchange and also wrote an email, but it was useless. Can someone help me on how can I get in touch with the exchange for them to update the report. Need the report in the same format as my data analysis is based on this report.@nithin

@siva can you forward this to the NSE membership department. Maybe they can fix this.

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Sure, will check and do this tomorrow.

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looks like person responsible for all this has gone for nice nap .

for example india vix volatility tool hasn’t been updated since october 2018 >>

Thanks @nithin
Also @siva if possible can you please ask them to check the specific period selection tool which also seems to be not working in many of their reports. You have to select number of days from the drop down rather than the required dates.

I can see till may expiry as this is current expiry, earlier did you noticed next month and far month expires also?
I can able to input dates as one required, you need to select the box and then change dates as required.

Hi @siva

The report used to display all expiries. Current Expiry and the next two expiries.

I can enter the dates too, but can you fetch the data for that period. Because the report is not fetched when we click on “Get Data” Button.

Will write to NSE, also we could able to get data after selecting dates, make sure you are giving correct dates.

Just checked and found that even
26-12-2019 expiry
is showing up in the drop-down list, for

Index futures -> Nifty 50 -> 2019.

I bet they won’t give you the data, so don’t bother clicking Get Data.

Jokes apart, they seemed to have displayed all options expiry dates for futures!

Hi @siva

The reports are available now for all expiries.

Thanks a lot @siva @nithin