NSE or BSE - Why?

Hi all,
I know that most people blankly & blindly trade in NSE rather than in BSE. Volumes are also very high for NSE than BSE. But after BSE turned discount bourse, that too ridiculously cheap, I thought people would rush to BSE.
Think of this - For trading 4 lots of nifty one needs to pay ₹ 65.5*2 = ₹133 , but in BSE that would just be ₹ 3.
It seems that Brokers are also partial towards NSE. On any platform of any broker when you type a scrip name, NSE listed ISIN appears first, then all the NFO FnOs, and all BSE/BFO scrips are relegated to the bottom into oblivion.

@nithin, @Srinivas, @Tintin, Am I missing something here? What are pros/cons of NSE vs BSE?

and we as retailer turn to volume counters which we find in NSE

NSE has many times more volumes. So order execution is faster as there is better price discovery.

But yes, most of the times, the price of same scrip on BSE is slightly higher than NSE.

For retail traders, if bse offers lesser charges then its better to use BSE.

For institutional traders , obviously they prefer NSE.