Nse order squared off with bse

Please help i shorted 3000 NSE niftybees and now i see 3000 buy niftybees from BSE, it was minus 800 in morning but now its minus 90000. i am in real panic. i see 2 orders in position what to do ??? do i need to square off that bse order with 90000 loss ???

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this is the announcement from zerodha - ’ * Your MIS/CO position in the equity segment on NSE has been squared off with the NRML order type on BSE. You will see two positions on Kite, you can ignore these positions as they net each other off.’

was yours MIS or CO Position?

Your total P&L would be the actual P&L.
No need to worry about the individual positions I guess.

Bro what is ur nse sell position n bse buy position?

nse sell 157.95 bse buy 188.03

mis position

I have the same situation. I bought 200 Qty of UPL at 562. My order got squared off on BSE at 546.19 by ADMINSQF and after few minutes we got a notification stating that we can ignore the short since it’s squared off.
After few minutes got one more notification stating the market is opened till 5 pm and MIS orders will be squared off at 4.15 pm

Friend it is loss of Rs 31 X3000 quantity around Rs 90k.

Dont play with index etfs like this and short them


Exactly… If your intention was to trade in NIFTY contracts, better to do so, using futures or options due to the depth and liquidity. My guess is that the square-off order placed by the RMS in BSE, was a market order, and going by the quantity size, there weren’t much units on the ask-side, resulting in the order being executed at approx. 17% higher than the underlying’s (NIFTY) day high.

@Pratist exactly. He has crash landed due to two fold issues. One is nse problem and another is etf liquidity issue.

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@nithin Humble request to please reply I am having a loss of 91000, and my actual loss should have been 6600. A serious reply is requested.

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Bro u got the reply, ur position was squared off on bse, there is lack of liquidity in etfs, and ur volume was huge, so maybe when bought at market rates, whatever rates were available were very far away and so the losses came. But wait for final ledger to show the losses, it might be some other issue.

@nithin Yesterday(25.01.2021) i buy MIS order, I see another NRML order in my POSITIONS… I cant able to exit… and they say you can ignore this two position (MIS AND NRML) as they get net square off…

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@ShubhS9 @AnshumanSharma @ksksat ACTUAL LOSS 41,738/-@NSE,BUT BSE NRML SQR OFF LOSS 1,18,420/-


bro with heavy heart my loss is 91000 and u get ot your loss is what u said, im not sure whom to blaim but nothing can be done now.



@mmaheshlic complaint against whom? Broker or nse?

Nse was at main fault but all SEBI asked is a one report of what happened

Trader also should never short a ETF like this

Too sad to hear this bro, all I can advice is to stop intraday and start with weekly, monthly hedges. The gains r less but losses are hedged. Rest upto u guys ur trading style matters.