NSE price vs Kite price


I am seeing the NSE open price is different than Kite open price e.g. on 28th nov, POWERGRID has 210 as per NSE but on Kite it is 208.55…I have observed same for other few stocks also e.g NTPC, HEROMOTOCO etc,

Which value to be considered as confirmed ?
Pls help.


Hi NJ78,

I have attached the screenshots of what is on NSE and Kite, if you do find any discrepancy, please do bring to our notice.

Screenshot of kite prices


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Pls check the graph of Powergrid and the Open value at 9:15 AM.

Am I looking at wrong place ?

The open price of a stock is the equilibrium price of the pre-market session where the highest quantity of buyers and sellers match. In this case, the open price of Power Grid is 210, as is shown both on NSE and the Kite market depth.

The open price of a stock on Kite candles is the first tick received by Kite which is what shows on the candle. Here, the first tick received by Kite for Power grid is 208.55 and this shows as the open price. This is how Kite candles get their data, from live ticks that Kite receives.

Refer to the market depth of the stock in the Kite marketwatch for the correct OHCL values. The OHLC values get updated in the daily candles from the bhav copy at the end of the day.

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It is pity that OPEN is different in Market Depth (10363.85) and in the 5min Chart it is 10374.75. IF is off by 11 points. This is the issue in less than 1 day charts. But it is correctly shown in Daily Chart.

Can Zerodha Fix it on a priority for all the charts and explain why there is such a difference?

I have just checked in Nifty only. I am not sure what all Scrips it will display this behavior.

5Min Chart:

Market Depth

Daily Chart:

@siva and @nithin: Please have a look at above chart in Kite3.0. Open value is way off in <1Day chart wrt Market Depth. Market Depth is honored in 1Day Chart.

See nifty 50 price from today. Kite has different price for real time information and opening price we have sooo much gap.

Can you explain this?

You are looking at nifty futures price in nse website while that on kite is of nifty 50 index price.