NSE suspended KARVY Broking License

NSE suspends Karvy Stock Broking’s license due to non-compliance

Last month, capital market regulator Sebi had banned the brokerage firm from taking new clients and executing trades for misusing clients’ funds.


Its Lesson for broker and client and regulator , here whats next

I hearded trading is risky because loose of capital , investment also same category now

NOT only NSE, BSE too suspends Karvy.


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The only culprit I see in this whole scenario is Karvy and lack of protective measures for protecting the pledged shares of the users. SEBI should implement rules or safeguard measures that brokers cannot sell the pledged shares other than to make up for client’s shortfall and not use the shares in any way for their own benefit. How much money a broker has and how much he’s diverting out of his account should also be monitored on a weekly or monthly basic so that client’s fund aren’t diverted out to fund the broker’s own needs. Brokers should also be held liable and penalized and even have their licences revoked if they do not follow the basic margin rules and regulations.

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