NSE tech glitch (?) partly contributed to 21-12-2020 market fall ? Any one here affected?

Some social media and youtube videos are saying market crash (21-12-2020) was partly due to NSE issue wherein they seem to have cancelled many pending orders. Is it true? Any thought ? Was there any issue of orders getting cancelled by NSE here ?


(Not promoting any video. it is just for getting the context).

bro… don’t believe whatever you see on internet… rather than believing what he is saying do some research… markets all around the world were down yesterday, even that was caused by glitch at nse?


@siva can you clarify. I am not asking reason for fall but did nse really suffered a glitch. Some brokers are saying this that there orders were cancelled.

Yeah there was some glitch for few mins for few brokers, luckily we didn’t face any, but I don’t think that is the reason for market fall.

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Siva there was a massive fall of 300 points in mere 1 minutes triggering so many market orders at aor around 2:32 pm… It seemed like a flash crash. Any updates on that what might have caused that in the market? or it has been deemed as a simple market event

Yeah in 5 mins time frame fall happened but I don’t know the exact reason, I am just assuming it as market event and maybe some kind of trigger trade with heavy volumes. Also one should be aware that all global markets reacted that day.

Technical glith in video for fordt few seconds.I posted weeks very earlier and was only expecting 200 pts but fortunately in multiplied more points.

NSE Clearing suffered a tech glitch before Nifty fell by 3% on Monday - The Hindu BusinessLine


Thanks for the suggestion. Nothing wrong in getting more info… (link shared by @ alwaysshri https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/markets/stock-markets/nse-clearing-suffered-a-tech-glitch-before-nifty-fell-by-3-on-monday/article33396349.ece

Good luck!

At least brokers like Zerodha release a bulletin if there is a technical issue. Here, in India, SEBI is God (sleeping in Yoga Nidra), NSE is Godlet. No one can question them.

Whether it is 3m or 5m it does not matter, it can wipe out many small retailers. If there is any issue like that, client must be informed… so that he/she can take appropriate action like placing the order again.

@tarakesh there was definitely a glitch planned or unplanned
I feel it is a planned conspiracy for big fishes to create panic and snatch away shares from retail investors.

If u observed already the day was set for a fall. Big players in collution was waiting for such a opportunity. They started selling positions from morning.

Around 11:35 as per predecided plan they would have cancelled all pending SL orders or cover orders. Once that is done the markets automatically fell and the big fishes took again long positions

Adding to this fyers had terrible error that short positions were automatically created in some accounts. If u search un twitter it is revealed by multiple screenshots and agony tweets

Look stock market is big casino operated by institutions. Exchanges may be their agents

And kudos to zerodha idirect and few other brokers who had robust system atleast on this day

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Bingo @ksksat

@nithin how does the auto square off ( for mis orders) of all open positions, work exactly ? Or if its already explained well plz share me the link anyone or @ShubhS9

I would not comment on planned or unplanned.

NSE’s trust worthiness was broken with the co-location scam. They got away with few crores of fine (?) and sacking of few officials.

These kind of issues will only help to question NSE’s capability to handle such massive traffic of orders. The kind of growth the financial markets is going through, NSE has to upgrade the Infrastructure every few months or so.

Unfortunately, transparency is the last thing you can expect from SEBI, NSE and the brokers in general.

System sends counter order to existing positions in MIS after cancelling any open pending orders for those positions.

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We all are thinking that the fall on 21 dec was because of uk coronavirus news or because of nse glitch…but it is because of spoofing .

FII is OUR GOD of stocks