nse website option chain

Hello, does anyone know why there is delay today in nse option chain data for nifty/bank nifty(like 15m) in nse new and old website?Usually it is only 2 mins lag time. Is it because of lauch of nse new website(From 4/1/2020)?

Not sure, but NSE is planning to sell the data which it was giving for free earlier. There were many End of day reports that were available on old website for free have been made chargeable on new website.

NSE sells that data at quite a hefty price, so they would never publish it live for free (without any delays).

All the reports are available under resources page and are free just like before.

Thank you Shubh, I did not know that.

NSE cannot afford to throttle data availability just like that. It needs to attract more customers. Compared to other markets it still has low turnover.