NSE's NOW Platform - Please enable admin square off option

I am using NSE's NOW trading platform with zerodha.

Please enable "Admin Square Off" option (Menu: Surveillance -> Admin Square Off), it is very useful as it allows users to square off portfolio in few clicks. This is a very useful option for intraday traders.

When I contacted the support, they told me that this feature is not available. However this is not a new feature at all, this is an existing & very useful feature. You just need to change the user's settings to enable it.

I have been using this with other broker's on NOW software. And it has helped me a lot, especially on the days with heavy losses.

It is very useful to restrict losses. The only other way is to square-off each position manually, which is very time consuming when number of positions are more & hence adds up to losses.

I have attached an image showing this feature, please note that this NOW is using my account with another broker.

I know this wasnt appropriate question here. But I had already mentioned that I contacted support first, and they told me that they cannot add a new feature. It’s not a new feature, it’s a simple settings change.
Now how can I make them understand that …? So I added the question here, because I know I am right. Just finding it a little difficult to explain support guys, I am still chasing them.
Thanks for your time!