Number of days stock held in kite

is it possible for tech team to display number of days stock is sitting in a portfolio rather than going into console and check it there. this would make it easy for swing traders to take a call if the stock is worth holding considering time as well as price moment.

Thank you

Swing trading is for few days or few weeks, so I am not sure how showing number of days can help in making decision.
For investment wise it can as one has to deal with taxes( more than 1 year long term and less than year it is short term). So we have plans to nudge if one is selling from holding if holding period is close to 1 year and selling now.

Well you know sometimes if there are multiple stocks available in the portfolio it becomes bit easy to analyse whats is the total return since its is sitting in the portfolio. There may be few non performing stocks sitting in portfolio for few days to few weeks so it helps to make a decision if it would be worth holding the stock considering its afe in portfolio.

For that one can check on console.