O-H ND O=L Strategy Required


Please create and share the strategy for O=H and O=L as per below conditions.

Entry: O=L Candle Closing Price
Stop Loss: 1st Candle Open Price (9:15 min 1st Candle Open Price)
Exit: 3rd Candle Closing Price

and trade should be automatic run

You can refer to the below link to access the strategy based on my understanding of your requirement:

I have considered the 15-minute time frame, you can select the desired Nth candles of desired timeframe, using the nth candle function. Refer to the below link to learn more about this function-

The Stop loss (SL) and Target profit(TP) are randomly selected as high so that the levels are highly unlikely to be met and exit happens solely based on the exit conditions. You can change the SL/TP as desired.

Note that Streak checks your conditions on OHLC data, as this data is only available after the close of the candle, in the back test the Open of the next candle is considered as the entry price. Whereas in the live market the entry price depends on the volatility in the Scrip, bid-ask spread, etc. Thus your requirement to get an entry at exactly the close price of the first candle can not be incorporated. You can learn more about the Streak backtest here- Understanding candlestick formation and backtest results in Streak - Streak Tech

However, note that you can place a limit order on the basis of the OHLC candle price on which your signal is met(In your case the first candle itself). Refer to the following post to learn more about this- Reduce Slippage on Streak - #2 by Krishnendu

As per regulation, Streak doesn’t provide auto-trading, and neither do we recommend it. Streak sends entry exit alerts, you will have to act on these to get an entry/exit.

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