Off-Market hours Orders

I am trying to place the Buy /Sell order Before the Markert opens, for example, I want to place the order XYZ stock at 9.00 PM and which should execute on next trading day.

Can you please help me to do offline trading and which will execute next trading day.


If u place After market order it will be sent to exchange by Zerodha at 9:15 AM

But if u want to send ur order first to exchange, assuming u want to get rid of some stock which is in lower circuit

Then you place PRE OPEN ORDER sharply at 9 AM

It is just a normal order (Limit or market) which u have to enter at 9 AM

Just a small correction, limit and market AMO orders will be sent to exchange by 9.00 am for EQ segment.
AMO Orders with sl and disclosed quantity will be released at 9.15.

I am new to the trading.
Thanks for your kind support, really appriciate it.