Off Market Transaction Volume

1.) Does ‘Off Market’ transactions show up in volume bars in the charts ? (Sometimes promotors do off market transactions of say, 2 crore shares, then does that volume of 2 crore shares will be shown in the volume charts in Kite platform) ?
@nithin Sir, please take out a minute to answer. (Didn’t get an answer from anybody here on the platform).
2.) Also, does the data from bulk and block deals show up in volume bars on the charts ?

Off-market transfers don’t show up as they are not executed on the exchange. Bulk and Block deals are executed on the exchange and hence show up. Data shown on charts is only what is executed on the exchanges.

Btw, promoters wouldn’t be doing off-market transfers because the taxation will be much higher. Here is an excerpt from the Varsity module on Taxation.

If the transactions (buy/sells) are executed via off-market transfer (where shares are transferred from one person to another via delivery instruction booklet and not on the exchange) where STT is not paid, STCG will be taxable as per your applicable tax slab rate. For example, if you are earning over Rs.10,00,000/- per year in salary, you will fall in the 30% slab, and hence STCG will also be taxed at 30%.