OI (open Interest) contracts?

If it says OI = 192000, it means 192000 contracts are currently active/open.

Qn.1 :- How to know how much quantity is being held in those 192000 contracts ?
Qn.2 :- What is the value of those contracts ?

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I’m not an expert here, but I guess one Futures contract means one lot. Else why would it be traded on an exchange?

Hi @SK_1995

192000 OI means there are people who are 192000 lots long and 192000 lots short

Outstanding OI * CMP would be the value

Check this varsity section on open interest :slight_smile: all your queries should be answered

Considering OI limits and existing OI, how do operators impact on F&O price movements ?

How operators are able to enter market with much higher capital ?

Because people exxagerate how operating the markets work. You don’t need to control the entire market, only a certain percentages is enough. Most people who talk about this do no belong to the operator circle. They’re basically theorists, and very unrealistic ones.

EDIT: This is like how in Hollywood movies hacking scenes are portrayed with exxageration, market operators are similarly perceived, very unrealistically.

EDIT: They take direct NSE membership. This makes it easy for them to work as they don’t have to share their limit with others.

I don’t think it’s lots. It’s units. If I trade one lot of nifty, OI increases by 50.