Omkar Speciality Chemicals. OMKARCHEM (NSE). What is up with this company?


So, I received shares of this company as gift and have been told to sell them only when a ‘crisp’ profit is in sight. I don’t know much about this company but when I checked it out from the surface, I cannot say that it left a positive impression. Please someone shed some light on this company.

It’s peak was at around 110Rs (approx), it is down to 14Rs. Did it indulge in malpractice? Once I checked this company during trading session, there were no buyers, only sellers!
Please someone shed some light.


i guess before some time it was declared NPA by a bank …that day it started going down to till date not recovered…

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Does it have a chance @ recovery?

u cant predict anything about NPA stocks right now in indian bankruptcy situation…
till it comes in limelight from NPA acquiring companies its hard to move upward.
sorry i couldnt take stand on it…its really hard call u will need to take.