On 04/09/2014, in BHEL intraday equity chart I see huge volumes but with relatively no change in price. How is it possible?

Second Question - And where these huge transactions take place i.e on stock exchanges or any other type of market such as over-the-counter market.Please clarify

Below image shows bhel chart on 4 september 2014. Here at around 9:30 am price change is high at low volumes but at middle there are huge volumes with less price change.

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I am not very sure, why is that.

  1. I think we are looking a 2min chart (so volumes in entire 2 minute tick is piled up and shown as single bar)

  2. Price moves only if either demand is high or supply is high (i mean one sided), if there is a potential demand and equivalent supply, price will not move I believe. For example if you and me agree for 1 lakh shares at same price, our transaction could ideally get through without any price movement. (Something like match fixing, lol)

These are just my thoughts. Let someone who is expert at the subject reply.

Thanks for pointing this out,


Ekansh, seems like a bulk/block deal that has been executed at around that time. Check this link for 4th Sept on Money control. 

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Is it a pre-agreed bulk deal or what?
Like the buyer and seller communicate each other and at exact time they together place a buy and sell order simultaneously at same price!

Yep, it will typically be between two institutions.