On 17th October 2014, TCS fell 9% due to low reported earnings. Can you tell some other type of news which will have similar effect on the stock price

As we already know news have some effect on the stock price. I want to know various types of news which will have huge impact on the stock price.

I am naming a few :-

1. Low reported earnings (bad news).

2. Top executives of a company banned from capital markets (bad news).

3. BHEL bags 7800 crore order (good news).

Can anybody tell some more such types of news. News type can be good or bad but it should do large stock price change.

You will get to know these things yourself in course of time, EKANSH. :slight_smile:

The problem is whenever some news hits market, it is getting captured in the opening price itself (a huge gap up or down), like 17th Oct TCS opened with 205 points down almost more than 7.5% down. For the whole day trading took place around 1% only. The 7.5% drop cannot be captured. This is the main reason NSE is having pre-open session to balance for news overnight and open at a stable price.