ONGC investment for long term


The cash flow and total cash, EPS , profit margin of ONGC have depreciated in the last 3 years. However, the acquisition of Vankorneft and HPCl, investment in shale oil exploration seem to be promising ventures. I’m not sure about the current financials however the long term prospects seem promising. I want to invest in ONGC for the long term. What would you suggest ? @Bhuvanesh


Fundamentally, it’s great one. But it’s clearly seen under-performer since 4 years back.
With the strong balance sheet plus this merger news (more like win-win deal), I think it’s going to be favorable but you need to stay updated on trading strategies, stocks fundamentals and news as well.
For the sake of good profits (your main target), there are lots of better stocks than ONGC.


Thanks @Rock