Online Share transfer from Zerodha to another broker

What happens to the Share price when the share is transfered from Zerodha to another broker through CDSL easiest transfer? Whether the avg price will be same as from Zerodha or it will be considered as a sell and have the last transacted price as the average price?

Whenever you transfer shares to your Zerodha account, you get option to manually enter the average price. More here. You should get similar option on other platforms as well.

Thanks,but in that case how will zerodha validate the price entered is correct? and what happens to the profit or loss position during the transfer…its not showing in zerodha

Zerodha will not validate the price. Whatever price you enter will be considered, so you have to ensure you enter it correctly. If you have not entered the buying price for the transferred shares, Zerodha won’t be able to calculate the profit and loss.