Only 1 min timeframe is working in my Strategy. How?

Hello @Streak

My strategy is working fine only in 1 min timeframe. It does not work in any other timeframe. i have created the strategy based on the time-specific entry, how come there are no trades?

Kindly assist if anything is wrong here!!

I don’t use Streak but 9:17 will not hit in 3 min TF.

hello @Bobby_Axelrod1

You have created the strategy conditions using the “Candle Time” function and the base time frame used is 1 min, so when you set the conditions for entry as “Candle Time(hourofcandle) equal to 9 and Candle Time(minuteofcandle) equal to 17” the condition will be checked on 1min chart at the 9:17 candle (9:17 being the open time )

However, when you check the same condition in any other timeframe like 3min, 5min, 10 min etc, no candle will be formed with an open time at 9:17. thus there are no trades when you check on timeframes other than 1 min.

To learn more about Candle Time, refer to the link below: