Open High or Low


I want to create a trigger for NIFTY 50 stocks if Open=High or Open=Low.

See if this helps… :grinning: (not used sentinel though)
Open = low

Open = high

Yes. For Sentinel use this code:

For Open = Low, use codes : OpenPrice(‘SCRIPNAME’) == LowPrice(‘SCRIPNAME’)

For Open = High, use codes : OpenPrice(‘SCRIPNAME’) == HighPrice(‘SCRIPNAME’)

This condition can be set for Semi Automatic Trading through Streak as well.

I think you meant Streak?

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Thanks for pointing that out. Corrected the above post.

Too many platforms all getting mixed up :slight_smile:

Do i need to add all the stock conditions manually?

Thanks in advance

hi sir, can u give me more explain for open low high strategy in zerodha streak pls sir
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You need to use the following condition for Open=High

Opening Range(Open,5min) equal to Opening Range(High, 5min)

This will check if the Open price of the day’s first 5 min candle is the High of the candle or not. You can change the Range from 5min to 10 or 15min if you want. Similarly, you can create a condition Open=Low

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