Open interest Calculation

@siva how open interest is calculated? Does it includes both intraday and delivery?

Must go through ZERODHA varsity


The open interest in INFY NOV 2019 740PE changed drastically @15.10pm without any volume. Can someone explain this?

OI is on futures and options so delivery doesn’t come into picture. OI is a live number irrespective of intraday or carry forward position.

@shailesh Actually we can’t trust ZERODHA CHART it’s miss volume data on your given chart.

I have seen very small red bar which could not show volume as per there volume chart scale(As vol is only 2400).

INFY19NOV740PE 22-11-2019 15:15:00 50.0000 50.0000 49.0000 49.0000 (2400–VOLUME)


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