Open interest related queries

Hello Experts

A lot has been discussed about Open interest. But my specific questions related to OI is -
1 - I know I can see OI on NSE / moneycontrol site but does this changes during live market ? and does the market depth values which we see in PI, reflect the same data ?
2 - when NSE site OI data gets updated after the market closes ?


Live OI data cannot is not too reliable, check this - Is the live open interest(OI) data being provided by exchanges correct?

Thanks the linkā€¦
so are you suggesting that we should look at the OI data only after the market is closed ? At what time , 4:00 pm ?

Yes, that makes more sense.

Hi Karthik Sir,
I have observed that there is difference in OI data e.g. of Nifty, in NSE & Moneycontrol site, even if compared after market hours say at night. I am confused which one to consider. Can you pl help & suggest?