Open Interest Restrictions Questions

As there are restrictions on buying far OTM options, many options traders face issues in Zerodha. I am an option seller, I buy options to hedge my sold CE/PE. But I am not able to use my margin fully as buying far OTM options is disabled in Zerodha, so I need to sell the options first and then buy the hedges. I know this is because of SEBI restrictions.
I just wanted to know: 1. If Zerodha will ever allow a bracket option which directly gives a margin benefit somehow? e.g. Selling an iron condor considering nifty is at 16000: 15000-15500-16500-17000 , should cost 60k, but costs much more as we need to sell 15500PE and 16500 CE first. 2. Are the restrictions placed by SEBI on OI interest on any broker (15% limit) reviewed anytime (quarterly or 6 monthly)? Will there be any review and hence ban be lifted soon?