Open position in banned script

I have a open put position in PEL monthly expiry. I am not able to square off my position because it is banned and last traded on 12 March, what do I do?

Even if stock is in BAN one can exit, only one can’t add more. If there are no buyers or sellers then nothing can be done, just place your order at limit price and expect someone will hit it.

As I said earlier I am waiting from 12 march for my order to go through.
will I need to take mandatory delivery if my order doesn’t go through?

Which strike?


Long or short?

Yeah, option is far off and is a deep ITM option. If it is long PE, you have to give delivery, and if it is short PE, you have to take the delivery

In either case, if you want to avoid physical delivery, you can try placing the order either at intrinsic value (1020 - 860 (CMP) = 160 or slightly at discount to give better chances of order going through

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