Opening Range Breakout Streak

Can anyone help me out Streak algo for

ORB of first 15 min

Buy - when price goes up the high of ORB
Sell - when price goes below low of ORB


To create a bullish 15 min Opening Range Breakout for 3 min candle stick chart, please follow the following steps by referring to the attached image.

1)In scrip field, select the desired scrips and 3 min time frame.
2)In Position field, Select Buy and desired quantity.
3) In Entry field, Input : Close crosses above Opening Range (High, 15 min)
4) Put Desired Soploss and Take Profit % (We have used 1% and 2%)
5) Name the strategy and click on backtest.

Please refer the attached image for reference. Similarly, you can create a bearish strategy.