Opentrade followers please share your star and your experience with star

Myself started following a star
Just started today so no Experience, after 1 month i will share my experience.
Kindly Friends you share your experiences.

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I have some doubts on the accuracy of the data itself on opentrade.
Regarding ARA, on 10th August he made a loss of Rs 2.91,844.25, with an average trading capital of Rs.15,110/- How is that possible? Did he get some extra leverage :smiley:

I had already raised a concern here earlier: Regarding Zerodha opentrade. Is the information really correct? where @BharatW from Zerodha said he will take a look and get back on August 14th. But it has been a months, but no update.

data is wrong in several counts. If anyone starts following and then unfollow number of followers not reduced. Capital used not matching with what is shown in front page ( where list of stars displayed).

You can learn more by reading at Tradingqna than researching about stars.


After 2 months of following a STAR ARA, I am happy to share I made 20% Returns on my capital.
The Star is best as the star do only one trade in a day that too intraday and risk reward is 1:3
I am sharing only my experience and not marketing for the Star.

Just Observe the Star.

No man!!!

I click on ara profile , he posted huge loss.

@IntradayMaster What is the average duration of trades?

He trades at 9.30 and exit at target or stop loss otherwise exit at 3 P.m

Yes the profile is showing big loss but it’s technical error I think so.

click on 90 days or 180 days to get clear picture.

Also watch daily profits and loss to get idea of uptrend or downtrend star performance.

What is the average number of trades made by ARA per day ?

Only 1 trade intraday

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