Opentrade my experience

I have been following a star for last 10 days.

the following things are not clear

  1. Which timeframe chart they are using.

  2. Which watch list they are using

  3. which type or order they are using, like BO / CO etc

  4. Setting Stop loss and Target settings for randomly selected stocks is difficult.

  5. Position size is unknown.

We know only three things, Stock, Time of Trade, Traded Price.


Yes same I posted as new topic but got rejected, as if anyone doing hedging trades with multiple qty, qty is important in hedging but no qty is displayed.

Ohh, so we don’t even know if it was an intraday trade or delivery based or how long it was carried forward? Then, not much use i guess.
I was about to subscribe to opentrade, good that this post saved my money :smiley:

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What I learned from A Star is decipline is more important than strategy.

That star is avoiding trading between 11am to 2.30pm. Trading in only when good volume and momentum is available. Also doing swing trading and options writing.

Higher the capital more successful trades possible in options writing.

Intraday is more stressful. Better to go with hedged trade without stop loss limit. If any large move in your direction then you can exit one leg and hold favorable position. This way we don’t need to loose due to hitting stop loss limit.

So subcribers need to pay. Do u mean those stars make money by expanding their followers

You need to buy minimum five credits. Each credit costing 500/-. You need one credit for following one star for one month. There is revenue sharing between Zerodha and Stars.

Ohh thats cool. Let me check out fee [email protected] open

I can not find any details about fee sharing with stars in the website. Typically what is the share of stars in the fee?

That is known to stars only

When people follow a star in openTrade, they do get paid for it.