Option buying question

Let’s say I buy 1 lot of nifty option and pay premium. I am sure that the market is bullish. But suddenly market turned against me and it started moving down. I don’t have any stop loss. Still I believe market will move up.

My question is… Do my position will automatically get exit OR can I hold my position and wait for the market turn in my direction (since maximum loss is premium paid)?

your position wont get exit automatically as you havent set stop loss .And even if you have set some SL,and if SL doesnt get hit during that day,the SL order gets cancelled automatically.So in both the cases you hold your position.

Thank you. Got the point.

bhai, simplesa ek kaam karsakthethe. Chaar rupayeka ek bank nifty option kareedhh ke try marlo! Isiliye RBI ne 200rs ka naya note chhoda hein on suggestion frm SEBI😊 jo chutta bachega wo Balance app mein jama kardena😉
yaise question dekkhe SEBI aur bambooo marke gate paas kar na dhe//////