Option buying secrets

Can anyone please let me understand
1.How to catch gamma move for option buying on expiry day?
2.How to select strikes for option buying
3.Option buying important things to keep in mind before placing trade?

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  1. Trade instument with del 50-60. So , ATM or near ATM-1st ITM.

  2. Trade above VWAP , stoploss 5 or 15 mins time frame, candles low. This is more high momentum.

  3. When price is trading so some candles above vwap then high momentum is probability.

  4. Should book profit whenever you see high momentum, reenter again on retracement.

  5. Quick entry and exit is the key.

  6. Follow both options chart and index chart.

  7. Don’t average on loss, can add more on retracment. But , profit booking is the key which requires your skills

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Just observe all Close to the Money and OTM options on 12 consecutive expiries on your selected timeframe. You’ll get sufficient experience to know it for yourself. You wouldn’t need someone else to answer it for you.

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