Option buying using future chart

Hi friends,

Am exploring ways to enter and exit trade on Bank nifty options using futures chart as reference.

Is there any way possible to have an entry and sl fixed in options based on future pricing?

Example - lets say my long gets triggers in future at 33520 points. Enter a trade with 33500 CE.

With SL at 33400. When 33400 hits in Bank nifty close the 33500CE trade.

I need a way to enter and exit ITM option based on futures prices. Is it possible place an order in option based on BN future price

Right now am doing it manually and it leads to lots of slippage in options.

Thanks for the support!!

Subsribe to kiteconnect, write the code.

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Strike price must be spot price only instead of Future price to avoid strike going OTM and Theta decay.

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Were you able to find a solution for this? I am looking for the same. Thanks,