Option carry forward quantity

Hi - I took couple of positions on Maruti Options yesterday for 1 LOT each. However, when they are carried forward to today, I see both have been incremented by an additional lot and the bought price has been averaged out to something lower which doesn’t make sense at all Can anyone throw some light on this?

You can see, qty are doubled & AVG cost exactly halved!

When did you check this? Trading hours or off-trading hours… it should not, but it matters…

I’ve not experienced about QTY, but some times (not always) AVG prices shown during off-trading hours next day are erratic. I wake up too early, & sometimes I check at 4-5 am, the AVG cost is shown zero, leading to HUGE profits. (I get so Happy.!!) But as soon as it approaches to trading hours, actual AVG prices are shown.


My best guess:

No its not a bug. Its actually a very advanced AI deployed by Zerodha to help traders.

This AI conditions the mind of traders by walking them thro unpredictable phases of Euphoria and Fear.

Dont forget to thank Zerodha for offering this service absolutely free of cost.

This happened in off trade hours and apparently a refresh issue. Zerodha support suggested to refresh (ctrl + shift +R) that solved the issue.

hahaha, I’m sure you are not serious… :wink: