Option Chain's OI & Chng in OI Data Mismatch between Old NSE Website & New NSE (Beta) Website

Based on Option Chain’s ‘OI’ (Open Interest) data there are many trading strategies available. So, Option Chain’s ‘OI’ data provided by NSE must be interpreted correctly.

1st Go to Old NSE Website’s Option Chain link.
Select NIFTY Option Chain, Expiry Date 31-Oct-2019 or the one you like.

2nd Go to New (Beta) NSE Website’s Option Chain link.
Select NIFTY Option Chain, then select Expiry Date 31-Oct-2019 or the one you already liked.

Simply, open same instrument’s Option Chain data from above two websites.

Now compare (1st & 2nd) their ‘OI’ & “Chng in OI” data. You will see different values are there under ‘OI’ & “CHNG IN OI” data at New NSE (Beta) Website.

Which one is correct?

Option Chain’s OI based strategies will not work properly if data is interpreted wrongly.

Which OI data source should be treated as authentic?
I think it is F&O Bhabcopy at EOD. Am I right?

I am attaching 2 screenshots to make it easy the verification process. I have selected NIFTY, Expiry Date 31OCT2019 Option Chain from both the websites. Now see, ‘OI’ and “CHNG IN OI” values are different in New NSE (Beta) Website for the same Strike Price. But, I think this should not be.

Friends, please verify, you also see the same anomalies from your computer or not; or my computer gets hacked!

If you verify the presence of same anomalies, then we must let it know to New NSE Website Developers to make the necessary corrections.

Below is OLD NSE Website Data:

Below is New NSE Website Data, under BETA testing:


There is a small difference when you multiply by 75 (contract size) in New website

If I have to guess, I can see one small thing - Old website updated at 15:30:30 IST and new website updated at 15:30:00 IST.

I think old website better to follow.

Bhavcopy will be authentic, also can check sensibull OI analyser bit.

In the old website, OI is shown as quantity (contracts x lot size) and whereas in new website it is shown as contracts.

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Thanks… :slight_smile: