Option charges and profit

Hi, yesterday i executed a trade on Zerodha and i would like to know the charges and profit of the trade (if i don’t square off position on expiry) and (if i square off on expiry at 3pm).

Sold Nifty jun30 16500 ce @3.05 rs
Sold Nifty jun30 14800 pe @12.5 rs

You can easily calculate the charges using brokerage calculator: Brokerage calculator – Zerodha

The P&L will depend on where the position expires, if it expires ITM, it will be settled by the exchange at the intrinsic value. The difference between your selling price and settlement price will be your P&L.

If it expires OTM, it will expire worthless and you will get to keep the entire premium recieved.

Would suggest you read this module on Varsity for better understanding of options trading:

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