Option Data Open = High

Hello Experts,

I would like to see the Nifty options data after 09:20 am.
Is it possible to write a condition to get the nifty option for multiple strikes where Open =Low & Open= High or like the nifty option of a particular strike breaks the day high?

How to set thee triggers with Sentinel?
Is it something possible?
Please give me some insights.


Hi @sabankl87

you can create a basket with multiple strikes and give your condition using advanced triggers

you can use HighPrice(‘exchange:tradingsymbol’) for day high

check this Link for list of advanced functions in sentinel
check the below screenshot for reference

Thank you.
But i have tried following query in the sentinel.
But it was giving me an syntax error.

you should try equal sign as ==

Yes it worked for one strike.
But how to add multiple strike for Nifty options?
What operator to be used at end of first line?

Thank you

you should create a basket of scrip or multiple strikes and can apply to basket