Option Plus in ICICIDIRECT for BankNifty

In ICICIDirect, for selling Option for BankNifty I can Utilize only PremiumXLotsizexLots amount as Margin in case of OptionPlus,
If its provided in Zerodha also it would be fine.

For selling 5 Lots of BankNifty in OptionPlus with Premium 93, I spend only 93x5x20 = 9300.
But in BO on Zerodha I have to spend margin of 77000.

Leverages will go soon, can check this for more.

Very sad to hear that, But still ICICIDIrect is providing OptionPlus and Futures Plus StopLoss feature that are useful for low margin holders.
With Just 8K to 10K Margin one can sell Options and trade Futures also.

This has to be stopped from April 1st.

Hi Siva,
Are you online always?? You are too fast to answer. :slight_smile:

I can’t understand one thing , still SEBI hasn’t taken decision ,then how do you know ???

Nse has already released circular to all brokers,check this thread from beginning.