Option prices are unusually high going to the expiry day!

Bank nifty 27400 straddle closed at 285 approximately.
Even if we consider the increase in vix its still high.

Last week bank nifty atm straddle closed at 135 i think.
Usually it will be around 140 to 170 going to the expiry day.

Fingers crossed :wave:

IV has hit a remarkably high value during the last week, and has been consistently high over the last 6 sessions.

This is not the time to remain in the options market
Run -Run - Run :wink:

Indian vix is up more than 11% today , so option premium is very high
Market was expecting unexpected announcement from arun jetli on bank recapitalization
Premium will even go up as budget day approaches

Today sbi jan ce 380 closed at 0.75 which is very unusual n rare.

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