Option related query

if I have purchased bank nifty option yesterday. Here are the details of transaction

BANKNIFTY 4th w FEB 33000 CE @ 645

and if would sell it today

@ 1260

then what is the profit and what would be charges. if the bank nifty goes above then the I would be charge more

I’m bit nervous please help me I can’t find a way on varsity or on any other trading qna query

You’ve bought the Option at 645 and want to sell it at 1260, you will be making profit of Rs. 615 * 25 (Lot Size). Charges you can easily calculate here.

but sir I read in varsity that it trades that I had to pay the profit above 33000 so i was very bit nervous.
So, is this the true one or not

Sorry for disturbing over silly matter

How to do options trading and details about that how to trade in options please suggest

Please brother reply me as fast as possible

You can exit your Option position before expiry as well, the difference between price at which you buy at and sell at will be your P&L.


Thanks Brother

Is there any good sources for learning Derivative trading

Dear you can also make calculation before the making trade by using opstra or sensibull website.
use these portal to know all the things before trading.