Option selling strategy

Hi . I m a bit new to option selling . Initially started with strangles and straddles but due to high volitality things don’t work out the way it seems to be . Can some one help with alternate strategy and adjustments and few major changes to be considered during option selling .

Thank you in advance

Take your own time.

Don’t try to maximize your profits when you are beginner & repent like me.

Try to under how market behave when it moves in your direction (or) against (or) if it stays neutral.

I suggest you a BEAR CALL SPREAD with low premium.

So that your MTM variations wouldn’t be wild and you will get a sense of how market works & about OPTION GREEKS


Feel free to ask any queries.

Try this strategy in VIRTUAL TRADE first

This spreads works in a directional trade sir .this is better than buying a naked call Option where your losses are controlled .
I m looking for a neutral strategy jus to take advantage on theta n decays .

I usually short ITM and go long on deep OTM to reduce the margin.

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See every retail prob is we dont know whether market will stay flat or directional. so If u go with neutral strategy like strangle prob comes when market take one direction, that time you need to change your strategy to the direction of the market. I shall suggest you an idea for strangle, you can try if you feel it is worth.
say If u have a capital to trade 8 Lots , create a strangle with 4 lots , and when the market takes direction add the remaining 4 lots to the one side which makes profit. profit will be less but other side losses will be limited.

or 2nd option is to convert the strangle to a bear call spread or bull put spread based on direction. You can always adjust your strategy based on market direction.

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