Option selling

Hello ,

I want to know the if i sell options for example NIFTY 7800 CE ,WHERE IN ZERODHA SPAN CALCULATOR it shows me total margin of Rs.22501,so if place this as MIS(INTRADAY),I NEED ONLY 40% OF IT WHICH IS Rs.9000. and i receive premium of Rs.9946 ,so my question is can i place or open another option order with received premium (Rs.9945),after sell order is executed.If so, is there any risk in such practices of buying/selling options with received premium .

Thanks in advance

Kishore the premium received from shorting options gets credited to you only on T+1 day. So this additional premium can be used for taking more positions only on the next day. Higher the premium being received, more the margin required to short, so this ensures the risk in the system is reduced.