Option Strategy Software (Day Wise Payoff)


Is there any option Strategy Software in India which can tell daily payoff if we trade any strategy.


Let say I Sell 1 Lots of Nifty Put at Strike price 7800 and Simultaneously Sell one lot of Nifty Call at Strike Price 8200 when nifty Spot Price was at 8000.

I get into above trade at the start of month lets say on 5th of any month. So is there any software (Or any other Method) which would tell me my Profit or Loss based on Nifty movement each subsequent day Considering the change in options greeks as per the nifty movement.


You can visit the website “Smartfinance.com” & you will find ‘Option Intraday Software’ in Calculator Category; this software tells you how much your Option will move with respect to Particular Index/Stock & aslo tells you about the Option Greeks