Option to select Open Interest Study with COLUMN

Dear Team,

1st of all thanks for Providing us with Open Interest Study.

We want to have option to select Open interest indicator from


You mean line to bar style, we have tested on bar also but that is not looking any good or giving any additional info and also as this OI will remain same for longer intraday time frames it is difficult to read on bar.

Can you provide open interest in PI. Thanks.

As a indicator it is not possible.

Thanks for the reply.

And hey, is there any way to save chart colour settings for all charts as default template in TVC ,just like the default indicator template ?

Not available for now.

Thanks for the expeditious reply and is there any way to sync zoom on tvc charts ?


I mean on TVC when I take multiple charts by selecting multiple layouts on one tab there are some sync options like cross hair etc but the zoom level on each chart in the multiple layout is independent of the other , can it be synced ?