Option trading : Order rejection

The issue of order rejection with below error :

“Rms rule : option strike price based on ltp percentage —— “

I get this error while trading with Zerodha.
As an option trader it’s very important to chose strike price which suits your strategy but due to this error my strategies are badly impacted. As per my discussion with Zerodha customer service ; this is due to some OI restriction specific to broker.

So does this mean that I won’t get this error with other broker? If yes could you please suggest other broker as good as Zerodha :slight_smile:

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Anyone can help with this ?

Any conventional non-discount broker or upcoming discount brokers will not have such problems.

So will this problem exist for all existing discount brokers?
I want to avoid going with conventional brokerage firms as they charge significantly high.

Can check this.

It means this won’t be an issue with other broker.

what is the solution for this error? even i am facing the same

I think we won’t get this issue with other broker.