Option Trading platform

Hi Abid
I have a specific question to you.
When will we get a sopistacated option trading platform like Thinkorswim. Livol, Optionnet Express or like that.
Is there any regulatory issue or broker houses think Indian option market is not mature enough or Indian software industry is not capable of coding the platform( I do not think so).
Is zerodha has any plan to introduce good option trading platform near future ?

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Hey @Goutam_1

Truth be told, I think

  1. Indian market is still in infancy when it comes to derivatives. Market participation, regulations, investor awareness - everything needs to go up
  2. A sophisticated option trading platform needs a critical mass of users to be profitable at scale. I do not personally think we are anywhere near that. Also, purchasing power / dollar value per user matters. US based companies can make money either through more expensive subscriptions (Option Alpha, for example), higher per trade / other fees (Thinkorswim), and others do by selling orderbooks of clients (no names here :stuck_out_tongue: ). A sophisticated options trading platform, again, I think is an overkill except for may be a top 1% audience.

My 2 cents. I could be wrong

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