** OPTION Trading Technique ** 2018 ** Make Trading More Fun **

Hi All,

I am a learner. Every day I am trying to learn something new about trading techniques and trying to implement into REAL TIME trading session. In All of the few hits toward PROFIT and few hits toward LOSS.

In this we all will discuss: -


I am trying to consolidate all trading techniques which is using you in DAY - TO - DAY trading life.
Please feel free to share your tricks and tips for Trading which can help others, as well as other, can also able to do BACKTEST on your trading techniques to provide real feedbacks.

How to Share trading Techniques?

  1. Please Name Indicator Clearly with Term and Conditions to use. [If Using any In Indicator]
  2. Please mention the time frame.[In which time frame, your Trading Strategy is working good.]
  3. Your backtest data, If you did otherwise please mention your trading report if you used your technique to trade.
  4. Please provide supporting links if possible.

Please feel free to share your knowledge with others.
Thanks in Advance.

This is great. However back-test is always a hind sight thingy like paper trading as the feel of loss and gain is lost. Appreciate if we can have high POP odds based strategies.

As I saw in my case , what ever we did in paper test, once we will start to do real trade , then we can feel the vibes of fear , greed , sad, happy , like kind of mixture of all emotions… :slight_smile: :wink:

Also, the returns and loss can be extrapolated to any extent, which is not the case in real trade.

I am 100% against paper trade. If someone wants to test, go very small position.

I use supertrend indicator and if combined with heiken ashi mode can lead to gigantic gains… Just go thru this post and see if it’s useful…

Yes correct

Thanks for reply. I am going to check this…

My Question :-

  1. Suppose I took one OTM option CE on monthly expiry and before in between it becomes ITM , and I am not doing SQUARE OFF till my expiry date , So is there will be any problem ?

Much about ur query has been discussed in this link… Especially nithin sir himself has answered many…

What settings do you use in Supertrend mode?

I use 10,2 settings… Some use 7,3 setting which is default. U can use after experimenting urself with both and discovering which 1 suits the best to u. Also remember 1 thing… Always trade in direction of main trend or trend in higher time-frame than u r viewing. All d best :+1: