Option Trading Tools in India - Compared

I have been trading options since 2010.

For the first couple of years, I was trading based on Price Action.

After not finding much success with this trading style, I learnt some techniques in Technical Analysis & devised a strategy around Moving Average crossover.

Some years later, I attended a training on Options where I learnt about Derivative Data & Option Greeks.

After attending the training, it struck me that observing derivative data is extremely important, not just while trading options but even trading the underlying asset.

Since then, I have subscribed to almost all Derivative data providers

To help the trading community, I have compiled a list of tools/data points available on each platform.

Below is a list of products I have used in the past.

  1. https://imgur.com/nNmSxcK
  2. https://imgur.com/v2J61Bm

For Full time option traders, Quantsapp, with the sheer data that they provide is a mile above the rest. They have Option & Strategy Premium charts along with historical Greeks which is of great help to me.

I found Opstra’s multi strike option OI chart very useful

For beginners I would recommend using Sensibull’s mock trading feature for practice.

My FNO provides a clean all in one screen layout and Is one of the oldest players in the market



Thanks Manjunath for Sharing this post. This has helped In getting the Proper Idea on each Application.

Users like me can take Decisions easily based on this post.

@Sensibull i also know most of the futures are not available in sensibull , even i subscribed myfno for analyzing futures data but for only position monitoring i used sensibull i also subscribe sensibull also , even sensibull PRO there is not even true to label features available , sensibull want to bring or copy paste the needed features from others like quantsapp and my fno or opstra

mostly backtesting strategy features are available in Opstra and Quantsapp , its will give clear picture to each strategy

Manjunath, thank you for such a detailed analysis!

Your welcome! Thinking of recording a video for this on my YouTube channel. What do you guys think?

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Yes Please record a Video Also. Will be a Great Help.