Options expiry position

If i sell 25500 @70,end of expiry close @50 and , no close position end of expity, how much extra charges from exchange

There is no STT trap anymore, so no extra charges/taxes

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STT is 0.125% of contract value… so 0.125% x 25500 x 40 around Rs 1200 or around 30 points. So if it closes at 50 points and you let it expire in the money, you pay around 30 points as STT and get back around 20 points.

There is no STT Trap as such, which is pay more STT than the premium you have paid. But u still end up paying exponentially more STT if you let your options exercise.

After all in this case i am in 20 point profit or loss 10 point?
Because of profit 20 point but STT 0.125% may be 40 point so what happened?

Ah my bad I thought u were long option… You shorted the option at 70 and let it expire at 50. So you make 20 point profit. STT is already paid when you short, so you have no additional STT to worry about.

Dear sir ,
There is something wrong in STT.
only one lot sell 25500 [email protected]
1200 rs. STT charge too much.
Zerodha brokerage calculator saw very low charge.
Sell 70&. Buy 50 then profit 20*40=800-51(total charges)= 749rs net profit…
Am i write or wrong?


Like I said my earlier answer was thinking you were long/buy option position. In which case STT goes up significantly when you let the option expire in the money. The brokerage calculator doesn’t show STT for expired in the money options, it calculates assuming everything was traded on the exchange.

Check this post

But since you were short options, you would have already paid STT. So when it expires in the money, there is no STT. (STT is only charged on the sell side and you would have already paid when you shorted it).

So in your case yes, Rs 749 is the profit.