Options Intraday Strategy


Does it matter if i use any of the below strategy during intraday options trading.

  1. Buy CE and Sell CE on same strike price.
  2. Sell CE and Buy CE on same strike price.
  3. Buy PE and Sell PE on same strike price.
  4. Sell PE and Buy PE on same strike price.

Am i also right in my understanding that it doesn’t matter what strategy I use, what it matters is the Profit/Loss as the intraday is usually done on the premium price fluctuations.

Is there any restrictions that I am not allowed to do intraday during the expriy week or on the expiry day ?

I assume any of the above strategy I use, at the end of the day it gets squared off or manually by myself when i get profits. Please let me know whether there are any additional lossess that I will get on intraday trade as I believe it is the same concept of stocks for intraday alone.

There are no restrictions for Index Options, for Stock Options fresh long positions aren’t allowed on Wednesday and Thursday of expiry week (Will also advise you to stay away from Stock Options as they are illiquid and carry risk of physical settlement)

If you wish to do Intraday only then use MIS order type, so even if you forget to square-off your position, RMS team will square-off automatically after 3:25 PM.

There are no additional losses apart from those you incurre during trading.