Options Turnover and Zerodha Margin


I think I might have asked this question before, but not very sure.

Query-- 1

If a client of Zerodha (say X) does multiple option trades during a week or a month or during a financial year, if it results in a relatively high turnover (and subsequent profit/loss for the client), is there any issue or other things for the client?

Any penalties or interest charges etc?


If one purchases Intraday stock, or options or futures or similar product on Zerodha, and squares off on the same day – a client margin statement is sent next day which briefly tells about the margin used among other things.

Usually, if the client does trading within the margin limit – its fine.

I had read the margin statement?

Can anyone succinctly tell its interpretation?

There are no interest or other charges that are levied right on the client for utilization of margin for intraday futures or equity products?

Options i guess is premium* lot size and no margin is given by Zerodha anyways.


What are the expected changes in margin allocation from December onwards in a phased manner?

Does client have to pay more money to take an options position?


If you are trading in Futures and Options the turnover generated is generally high, there are no penalties or any charges if you are generating high turnover,

Various things in margin statement have been explained here, do give it a read.

No, there are no charges charged for using margin for Intraday.

Explained in detail here.

Okay, thanks sir. My query was like the regulatory changes from December will affect the initial margin deposited by the client for initiating an Options trade?

Since I think Zerodha doesn’t offer margin for Option trades, and client pays full margin, right?

This is with regards to Index Options only sir.

For Long Option positions, you already pay Premium * Lot Size upfront, as there is no leverage offered, nothing changes.

For Futures and Short Options, margin offered for Intraday (MIS, CO) will change in phased manner from December 1st, for more information on this you can refer to the post linked above, everything has been explained in detail.