Orbis as as a clearing member and use of collateral

@nithin @mohitmehra

Am surprised collateral pledged margin is not allowed when using Orbis.
I see numerous requests for the same in the community for the past two years.
Still no action on this.

I had a word with Orbis team and say that this is no rocket science and just that its operational inefficiency.
Just that Zerodha is not looking into this.

Can someone share an ETA on this?


Why does Zerodha turn a blind eye to this issue?
It might be complex to implement but it’s a basic thing to ask.

Does Zerodha really want me to trade with liquid cash when already NSE writes that just 10 percent of traders are profitable and by this, I’ve got an extra 8 percent per annum to fight for because I cant pledge my cash collaterals.

Please enlighten @nithin @mohitmehra @Shruthi

Hi Bhaskar,

Sorry about the delay. We are working on a solution and hoping to go live on it in the next month. Since the ETA has been delayed in the past, we have refrained from sharing it unless we are actually live.


I hope it’s not the ‘Next month’ of all the next months you guys have promised.

This is needed guys!
I hope this to be live soon!

I’ve been waiting since more than a year for this

will SGB be also availabe for pledging through orbis? @mohitmehra

The securities available for pledging includes SGBs but the SGBs which are available for pledging depend on the limits assigned by the Clearing Corporation and already utilised by a stockbroker. For eg, you can check this sheet for the SGBs you can currently pledge through Zerodha.

Good morning, Mohit!

Any update? Next month is here!

Hi Bhaskar,

As soon as we’re live with the feature, we’ll share it here.

ETA, please! @mohitmehra