Order limit in pre market session?

Can we place stock buy order in pre market at a price which will be higher than that days Upper Circuit Limit
just for better execution??

Are you new to markets? If yes then I would suggest to go through varsity once.
If not then no, it is not possible to place above or below circuits.

As per NSE Equity window,the price band details for Adani Ports to day(15.6.21) is as below:
Previous Close----768,45(All fig,in Rs) on 14.6.21
Lower band(LB)…691.65(-10%)
Upper band(UB),845.25 (+10%)
**But as per NSE web site,in Pre open tutorial, it is noticed that The price band applicable for pre open session is 20%…https://www.nseindia.com/products-services/equity-market-pre-open…
In that case,LB and UB should be 614.75 and 922.10 respectively.
so,the upper band in Normal Trading(10%) and Pre open market tutorial(20%) is conflict each other.
That is why I have raised the above query…
Please clarify,Thanks in advance…

That was indeed the original provision when pre-open session was introduced by SEBI in 2010 (Refer to Circular CIR/MRD/DP/21/2010).

  1. Price band of 20% shall be applicable on the securities during pre-open session.

But that was overridden by a SEBI circular in 2013 (Refer to CIR/MRD/DP/6/2013) -

  1. Pre-Open Call Auction Session

    3.1. In partial modification of SEBI circular no CIR/MRD/DP/21/2010 dated July 15, 2010, pre-open call auction session shall be applicable to all exchanges with active trading and for all scrips that are not classified as illiquid as per para 2.2 above.

    3.2. Price bands in pre-open session shall be as applicable in the normal market.

    3.3. All orders shall be checked for margin sufficiency at order level for inclusion in pre-open session.

    3.4. All other conditions for pre-open call auction session shall be as per circulars CIR/MRD/DP/21/2010 dated July 15, 2010, CIR/MRD/DP/27/2010 dated August 27, 2010 and CIR/MRD/DP/32/2010 September 17, 2010

Likely due to that change, the 10% operating range as applicable during normal trading session for securities with derivatives is applicable for the pre-open session as well.


@Prayag…Lot of thanks…Authoritatively you have cleared my long pending doubt.
With your valuable input,ZERODHA can now write to NSE to modify the existing Price Band Definition now available in its Pre open session tutorial so that whoever goes through it,will not get confused as happened to me.

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You can place orders in the pre market sessions but the orders will be executed only after the market is open. All the orders will be collected and holded in the pre market session. Once the market is open, the orders are matched or cancelled depending upon the availability of shares.

Not actually. Orders are collected from 9 AM to 9:08 AM, and are matched at equilibrium price discovered, the order matching session is from 9:08 to 9:12 AM.

Only the orders that aren’t executed in pre-market session are carried forward to normal market hours.

Do check this post, explaining how pre-market session works: